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Summer time fun with a DJ by poolside
from D.H. Productions Dip-N-Dance ™ PT#01

The late July sun is beating down on a humid Sunday afternoon. Down on the street, at the local pool, you can hear a crowd of kids cooling off, splashing, laughing, screaming, and generally having as much fun as they can on another summer weekend. September and school seem a millennium away. 

 As you come closer, you notice a loud dance beat pumping along with the noise of the young people. Finally, getting a better look at the action, you realize that these kids are actually spread out all around the edge of the pool, and they're dancing. A familiar voice calls out the steps over the music, and the crowd, a rainbow of swimsuits, moves in response. Then you realize that it's the DJ you heard on the radio in your car earlier that day. "Wow," you blurt out loud, and think to yourself, "It sure would be nice to be a kid again, without a care in the world, having a party at the pool on a hot summer day."

Pool Dancing

Making a summer entertainment splash

 Since 1991, Dan Wade has been bringing this kind of fun to pools all over eastern Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. The founder of D. H. Productions Disc Jockey

Entertainment, Dan has created such a high quality poolside entertainment package that he has trademarked it to protect it from the inevitable second-rate copycats. Called Dip-N-Dance ™ , it's a central feature of his successful DJ enterprise.

 While the idea of people dancing by the pool is not a new one, Dan says, "We just enhanced the way it's done." Dip-N-Dances ™ are truly big, well-organized events. "Fantastic prizes are given out for various contests like the Limbo, Chicken Dance, Electric Slide, Macarena and so on. These events are typically done during the day for families and people of all ages. Other programs are offered at night, some for teens, and others for adults. Each program is geared toward the age group, including the music." Public performances for local municipalities or agencies are usually two to three hours long and average 200-300 in attendance, while Dip-N-Dance ™ private parties can entertain from twenty to over a thousand people. D.H. Productions typically does a minimum of thirty Dip-N-Dances ™during July and August. The better the weather, the more dates that get added. With approximately 85% word-of-mouth promotion for these events, it's no wonder that pleasant summers mean more work for Dan and his crew.

Safe and Sound

 Setting up by a body of water may seem a little risky, considering all the electrical current coursing through a sound and lighting system. Dan has some basic rules to follow to maintain a trouble-free poolside performance. "Set up in the driest possible area. Hang your wires, rather than running them on the ground. Make sure your equipment or racks

have wheels or feet to keep them off the ground as well. People who are dripping wet should be kept away from your set-up at all times" He also stressed the importance of using ground fault protectors, which immediately cut off the power if

A captive audience

any grounding occurs.

 Of course, partying people can be the most unpredictable factor at an event. To create an environment where safety comes first, before each Dip-N-Dances ™ , Dan coordinates with the lifeguards. They go over an emergency plan and then announce the pool rules, so everyone know what is expected. "Although lifeguards are in charge," according to Dan, "we have the authority to stop, bench or even remove any person or persons who act inappropriately. We are proud to announce that, to date, we have had no incidents whatsoever."
 Having worked with so many kids, Dan has found that you should"...speak to them as people, not at them as a boss." He has found that it's important to connect with the parents and gain their respect by showing your professionalism.

"On air" as well as water

 Dan's years of experience as a radio DJ in various formats is a key ingredient to his mobile success. He has hosted Top 40
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