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Temple NEWS Overnight DJ's Up All Night By Marc Bonanni PT#02

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Bitetti and fellow RTI'er, sophomore Robert Brooks (on midnight to 3a.m. Tuesday into Wednesday) agree that working at the station is the perfect learning experience. Brooks says, "I love the radio station. For technology, yes, you should take courses, but outside learning is more important."He has had the "10 and 12"classes but they were general. DJs out in the"real world"(Hey! We go to Temple. Isn't that the real world?) feel that hand-on experi - 

ence is the best. Varlack was a music major in college; Quinn - a political science major working towards that law degree; Kratz - an English Major. Wade started his radio education as a board operator at WSAN and was there for the transition to WXKW and country music. He incorporated that "hands-on" training and knowledge of a variety of music into his own business in mobile entertainment. Listening to these folks, one gets an impression that these nighttime mavericks have been trained, drained, and strained, in broadcast -

ing. Almost all the DJs agree that politics and money corrupt the world of radio, and Karima says "you gotta know somebody to get anywhere in this business." Those RTF courses Karima had here haven't really helped her, she says. But hey, all the DJs got great voices and are just plain good at what they do. Who says video killed the radio star? (Return to page 1)
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