Many DJ's claim to be the #1, we let our clients review prove our DJ's are! So DO NOT take our word for it. D.H. Productions offers the longest list of referrals offered by any "DJ" or disc jockey entertainment service in the world.

Please take time to read our DJ reviews and the answer will be clear! This information is compiled from letters, memos, thank you cards and response sheets given at the shows. Even though we ask in the contract that clients send reference letters, they do not always comply due to their hectic schedules. We at D.H. Productions have put together a questionnaire / referral to be handed out at each show.  Also, with people enjoying themselves at the show, they do not always remember to fill out the sheet.

The DJ reviews are listed without addresses or phone numbers, we have these at our office to protect these people.  We feel that this should be all of the referral information that you will need to feel secure about your decision to have D.H. Productions provide entertainment for your special occasion.

We keep all letters, referrals, reviews,etc. whether good or bad.  The only sheets that we do not keep are the ones filled out as pranks (and there are always some of these. For example a name filled out as Mr. Clown with a comment of great music).  We need to have reputable information, so that if anyone would like further information on a show, we can call these people and receive it (and we don't think that Mr. Clown is listed in the telephone book).

Thank you for considering D.H. Productions DJ's For All Occasions.

Examples: Events: "Wedding" or Expectations: "Great Time!"
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