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D.H. Productions Disc Jockey Entertainment Price Packages
    We know that you can't miss when it comes
    to our incredible packages!
    We have one that will fit not only your needs but your budget too!

Planning A Prestigious Occasion? 
The Deluxe Package has everything you will need. An experienced entertainer in a dashing ensemble, digital sound system with a large spectacular light show.
Spend it before they get it!
When it's time to impress get the best from D.H. Productions!

Planning A Prestigious Occasion on a smaller scale? 
The Hot Package still has everything you will need, but we scale back the lights. Experienced entertainer in a dashing ensemble, digital sound system, and thrilling Light Show.

Use the rainy day fund! You're raining tears RIGHT?
Want to impress with a little less? Get the next best from D.H. Productions!

The Perfect Package's name came from our NEW clients!
Checking the phone book, or surfin' the net, calling down the list, scrolling page after page, call after call!  By the time they came to us, they had all the quick sales pitches they needed. They wanted what you want, and we give it. The facts and our prices! Our Perfect Package is an experienced entertainer in a dashing ensemble, digital sound system, without lights!

Start your NEW PERFECT Life with the Perfect Package!
Our Clients respond "Perfect, send me a contract"!


D.H. Productions Just Havin' a Party Package
They've trained with the big boys and now our Apprentice entertainers are eager to prove themselves!  Due to price and popularity, this package is limited and available in the Lehigh Valley Only! For some people, a second wedding, a small party, or a small budget. Whatever your reason, you'll be glad to know that we're here to help! Casual or just working within a budget and you are ready to get right down and party, then this package is for you!
BUDGET PRICE, Up to 3 hours $250.00, 4 hours $300.00, 
5 hours $350.00,  6 hours $400.00.

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