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House Party!

Thinking of a house party? Undecided on a theme or time of year? Let's help you with some of our experience.

"Really awesome job" - Joanna Sedler (House Warming Party)
 (Best Lehigh Valley Wedding & Party DJ's! Don't take our word for it, more reviews here)

D.H. Productions has entertained many doctors, lawyers, contractors, landscapers, and everyday folks who want a small intimate occasion with family and friends held at their McMansions or even McShacks.

Q: Why a house party? 
A: For many reasons:

  • Avoiding the expense of a banquet facility or fire hall.
  • Avoiding the hassles of securing an available facility date.
  • No limit on how many people can attend, facility often has a required head count.
  • No limit on how long the party will run, facility often has blocks of the day to be reserved.
  • No limited menu choices, facility often has a few combined menu choices, where it can be catered with a more negotiable or flexible combination menu choice, or make their own food of their liking.
  • Option to have a bartender, with a stocked bar to their preference, facility often has a minimum purchase of beverages and can be limited on the maker (brand).
  • In some cases even lodging is easier as some will crash at the house instead of driving or spending money on lodging.
Q: What would a house party be for?
A: A host of reasons to hold a house party:
  • Birthday Party
  • Graduation Party
    • High School
    • College
  • Holiday Party
  • House Warming Parties
  • Upscale gatherings
  • New Product Release or New Services Kick Off
  • National Night Out Events
  • Community Day Celebrations
  • Weddings 
    • We have had the honor to DJ many backyard, house and even picnic groves DIY style weddings. In a few cases we DJ'd at a friends, parents or the showcase of a newly purchased home where the bride and groom reside. If space is not an issue based on wedding guests attendance and don't mind the clean up depend on the party goers days or even weeks of clean up, backyard and house weddings have many benefits. Saving money on a wedding venue, no need to transport wedding gifts, wedding topper goes right into the freezer, lodging, the day after with brunch and honeymoon send-offs just name a few. We also noticed the bride / groom, bride / bride. groom / groom and the entire wedding party are able to to change out of wedding attire, relax and dance the night away with the DJ which is, after all the most important thing, CELEBRATING, the joy of marriage!


Q: In what part of the house?
A: Depending on your house size, we have DJ'd in:
  • Basement
  • Balconies
  • Breeze way
  • Entrance way
  • Garage
  • Yard / Patio
  • Poolside (See Dip-N-Dance ™)
  • Living room
  • Find your party room, Click here!
Q: Who should I invite to my house party?
A: Here are some ideas of people to invite:
  • Classmates (present & former)
  • Family
  • Fellow volunteer associates 
  • Friends (new & old)
  • Neighbors
  • Old invitation lists from weddings, other parties, etc.
  • Place of worship
  • Service professionals you do business with
  • Sports team members 
  • Work associates
Q: Why would I hire a DJ for my house party?
A: After reading everything above, don't you have enough to do? Just kidding! D.H. Productions DJ Service will keep the fun going from start to finish! 
House party checklist:
  • Home & Gardens Offers a Party Planner Checklist
House party themes list:
  • Saturday Night Magazine, a college magazine for entertainment, parties, and nightlife activities has a list of Best Party Themes Ever!, for the young adult. Google has top search results seem to cater to College party theme list see here
Remember, D.H. Productions offers Free Consultation with any booking to help with your house party.

Starting as low as $299.00
Lehigh Valley Pocono Philadelphia New Jersey

Call today for a free, no obligation phone consultation at 

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